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  • High strength capsule formulation
  • 100% pure “Beta Performance HMB”
  • Ideal for strength athletes
  • Research supported
  • Ideal for performance athletes


Beta Performance

Bio-Synergy Beta Performance HMB is an effective performance product. Each high strength capsule contains 100 percent beta-hydroxy-methylbutyrate to maximise your workout and recovery.

How Bio-Synergy Beta Performance can help you

Beta Performance

Each tub provides 125 high strength 500mg capsules.

Research supported

The ingredients in Bio-Synergy Beta Performance have been subject to numerous studies the most notable of which, is that by Nissen et al in the 1990s which concluded that the ingredients may assist increases in lean muscle and VO2 max.


Bio-Synergy Beta Performance was originally launched in 1999 and we are delighted to be re-launching it 12 years on.

 Typical Analysis:    Three capsules provide 
 % RDA  
HMB 1500mg *

* = No EC RDA Established.

HMB (HydroxyMethl Butyrate), Gelatin, Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide

6 capsules per day.


On training days take 3 capsules, twice per day, once before your workout and then immediately afterwards with water
On non training days take 3 capsules twice during the day with water

Do not exceed the recommended intake

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